10 Things We Can Learn From Our Kids

We spend so much time teaching them how to live and act…. Ever stop to think that maybe we can also learn from them?

Here are 10 things that we can learn from our children…

1. The wonder of the outdoors

Children seem to find magic everywhere they go but even more so when they are outdoors. As adults, we get content with staying inside and avoiding the elements. Having children can remind us that nature is a great place to be. Watch them as they explore through the grass, collect rocks, dig in the dirt and run around the open spaces. Try joining them and see what they see. Encourage their exploration and be enthusiastic.

2. Unconditional love

There is nothing like the love of a child. It is so innocent and pure. All they want is your time and attention, and you will have their complete and utter devotion.

3. Forgiveness

A child tends to forgive so much quicker than many adults. While we can hold a grudge even for years, a child will move on and allow the relationship to continue. Taking on this trait can do a lot for the other people in our lives and us.

4. Joy

Why feel any emotion when you can be happy? Kids love to see the best in things and tend to view the world through rose-colored glasses. Rather than picking at the reasons why your day will be bad, try to focus on the good things that have already happened and move on from there.

5. Excitement

Remember those magical hours of Christmas morning? Nothing is as exciting to a child as waking up knowing there are presents to open. As we grow up, we stop being as excited about life and its experiences and get caught up in the task of being an adult. Allow yourself to have time to enjoy yourself and get excited about things again.

6. The fun of water

If you are wondering what can keep your child entertained for hours on end, then look no further than water! Pouring, scooping and splashing will plaster your child’s face with delight. To reclaim this sense of fun, why not join your children in the pool or put on the sprinkler.

7. The simple things in life are best

Notice how a baby will spend hours playing with a box, a sheet of paper, or a pile of rocks. When did you allow yourself to be content with the simple? Sitting outside in the fresh air? Watching the clouds? Blowing bubbles with the kids? It’s easy to get caught up in this era of technology and forget the basics.

8. How great a hotdog is

It was probably something you ate a lot as a child, but when was the last time? Why do we often think that hot dogs, chicken nuggets, and fairy bread is for kids? Maybe allow yourself to embrace the inner child and eat like one (at least once).

9. Being carefree

I know that children don’t have a responsibility as adults, but I think that is why they can be carefree and not worry about life. Remembering how freeing this can be can reduce your stress significantly. Why not plan for a day where you can put aside your worries and just relax… set up your bills to auto-pay, switch off the technology and just allow yourself some time to unwind.

10. Honesty

We can all relate stories when one of our kids said something straight up and caused us some embarrassment. While it’s probably not a great idea to just start speaking your mind (as tempting as that may be), we can all learn a lot from a child when it comes to honesty. Try being honest about your thoughts and feelings with those close to you; the more you do it, the easier it gets.

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