5 Ways To Boost Your Energy As A Sleep-Deprived New Parent

Becoming a parent is a wonderful journey that is essentially going to be a rollercoaster for the rest of your life as you support your growing child. The first stage of being a parent with your newborn baby has as many challenges as it does rewards. There is nothing easy about being a parent, but you will love your role more than anything else.

The biggest challenge of having a newborn baby is getting enough sleep for you. Newborn babies sleep a lot, roughly 18 hours of a 24-hour period. However, this sleep doesn’t all occur at once. It tends to be in four-hour blocks, and newborns don’t really understand the concept of day and night. This means that when your baby is awake, you need to be awake, even if it’s at 4am.

If you start to feel fatigued and tired as a new parent, this is totally normal. No one will judge you if you have bags under your eyes and didn’t brush your hair that morning. The fact that you are raising a child is a huge achievement. However, you do need to take care of yourself. If you burn out of energy, then you can’t be the best parent possible.

As a new parent, if you feel yourself running out of energy, there are some things you can do to combat this. Try keeping some of these strategies in mind to boost your energy when you enter that whole new level of fatigue.

1. Drink a bottle of water

Dehydration can often lead to fatigue and amplify those feelings of tiredness. When you start running out of energy, develop a headache, or lose concentration, grab a bottle of water and drink it all in one go. You might need to run to the bathroom in half an hour, but you’ll feel much better for it.

2. Have a shower

Taking some time to yourself is really important and having a shower or bath is a really refreshing way to do it. If your baby is having a nap, take the chance to jump in the shower and scrub your body, wash your hair, and come out feeling human again. You can literally wash away your fatigue and exhaustion.

Have five minutes to yourself: if your baby is napping or playing with a toy in a safe setting, take five minutes to just sit and be away from your baby. In this time, just focus on your own breathing and clear your head. It is really important to do this, and you shouldn’t feel like you are neglecting your baby anyway. Having a clear headspace helps you to be a better parent.

3. Stay active

Being physically active in the early days of having your baby at home will help keep your energy levels high. You can be active with your baby, too. Pop them in the pram and go for a walk around the block together. Even if the walk is just ten minutes, it will make a big difference to your energy levels.

4. Eat well

The food you put in your body will help repair your body from the birthing process and give you enough energy to be the best mum you can be. Breastfeeding is also physically straining and burns up to 500 calories a day. For all of this, you need to fuel your body in the best way possible. Ensure you have plenty of food through the day and meals and snacks rich in protein, energy, and essential vitamins.

5. Accept help

If your partner offers to take care of the baby so you can have a nap, take that opportunity! The same goes for close friends and family who are prepared to offer their time to help you out. You must allow people to help you and enable you to get the right amount of rest. When people offer you help, it doesn’t mean that they think you are a terrible parent. Instead, they see you doing your best and trying your most challenging and want to help you succeed at raising a beautiful baby.

Try yoga or meditation: this is an excellent activity for boosting your energy and your mood. It is something you can do at home while your baby is napping through the day. Half an hour of yoga or meditation will help your body and mind achieve peace and calm. It will really help boost your energy levels and make you feel rejuvenated to continue to excel at parenting.

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